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Absol sighed softly, wiping his brow. His let his hand go limp, allowing the scissors in his hand to dangle. He glanced up, shielding his eyes from the bright sunrays. His ears perked slightly as he heard a sweet, familiar hum fill the air and the light taps of footsteps. He turned around, his eyes clashing with (e/c) ones.

“[Name]…” Absol greeted, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he saw childhood friend. The female beamed at him, smiling sweetly. She strolled over towards her companion, holding a tray of tea and sweets. She kneeled beside him, setting down the tray to her side. She flattened down her pure white sun dress and glanced over to the flowers her Pokémon had been tending to.

“You’re still working, I see,” [Name] said softly, reaching out to touch a rose. She leaned forward, inhaling the sweet scent of the flowers. She pulled away, her (e/c) eyes shimmering with a serene glaze. She turned to her companion, closing her eyes. “The flowers are so beautiful. You tended to the garden well,”

Absol’s cheeks heated up, elated at the compliment. He blinked a few times, trying to steady his erratic heartbeat. Clearing his throat, he gave a small, thankful smile.

“Thank you, [Name],” Absol said, looking back at the rose bushes in front of him. He stared at them for a few moments before looking behind him, staring at the large mansion-like house. “Where is your family?”

“Mother and father just left to go on a business trip. I was able to talk them into letting me stay home this time around,” [Name] giggled softly, covering her mouth. “And I let the servants go home today. God knows how much they work,”

“That’s kind of you,” Absol said, grinning as he turned to his friend. His dark eyes glimmered with slight amusement. “So I suppose we have the whole day to ourselves, correct?”

“Yup~!” [Name] sang, a childish gleam flickered in her (e/c) orbs. Her grin widened as she leaned close to the Disaster Pokémon. “How about you take a break and play with me for a while? Mother and father won’t be home till next week, so they won’t notice if we skip one day of grooming the garden,”

“[Name]…” Absol gave the female a disapproving frown. His eyebrows furrowed as he began scolding his dear trainer. “You know very well I can’t do that. Plus, it will only take an hour at most,”

The (h/c) haired female pouted in response as Absol turned back to the roses, snipping off the unwanted parts. Sighing softly, [Name] stood up. She walked around the dark type and grabbed the second pair of scissors by his foot. She walked a few feet away from him, causing Absol to quirk a brow at her.

“I’m making time go by faster,” [Name] stated, her eyes narrowing with determination as she began cutting. Absol blinked a few times before smiling softly. He turned back to the duty at hand, trying his best to complete his chore so the pair can spend time together. Minutes flew by as the two worked in relative silence, trying to finish the task, when suddenly [Name] yelped.

“O-Ow!” [Name] squeaked, dropping the scissors in her hands. Immediately, Absol dashed towards his trainer’s side. He kneeled beside the female, concern flashing within his dark eyes. His eyes locked onto [Name]’s finger, red liquid running down her skin slowly. Absol grabbed her wrist, bringing it over to inspect the wound. [Name] winced, laughing nervously. “I-It’s nothing, Absol. It’s just me being a klutz, that’s all!”

Absol gave the female a deadpanned stare, obviously not believing a word she said. He reverted his attention to the bleeding appendage. Slowly, he opened his mouth and put her finger into his mouth. [Name] froze, her eyes widening with surprise. Her cheeks heated up as she felt Absol’s tongue give languid licks over the wound. She fidgeted as she felt the male’s sharp canine ghost over her finger a few times. Absol gazed into his trainer’s eyes, never once breaking contact. Gradually, he pulled away from the finger after he was sure that the cut wasn’t bleeding anymore.

“There…” He breathed, his eyes darkening. He leaned in close, smirking softly. “Maybe we should stop for a little while, and take a break, right [Name]~?”

With a swift movement, he leaned in, pressing his lips against his trainer’s. [Name] gasped as she was pushed onto her back. She let her eyes slowly shut, letting herself enjoy the feeling of Absol’s lips melding with her own in a passionate kiss. She felt his tongue slither between her lips, mingling with her own tongue. [Name] groaned, her body heating up.

“A-Absol~!” [Name] moaned, wrapping her arms around the male’s neck. The dark type gave his own moan, grounding his hips against hers. The two grinded against each other, relishing in the pleasure of the friction. Absol’s hands began to wander, sliding his hands under his trainer’s dress. His hands groped at the bare skin, causing [Name] to groan. Absol’s hand slid up, fondling her clothed breasts. He reached behind her, fumbling with her bra. Finally unclasping the bra, he threw it to the side. The two pulled away, gasping for breath. Absol tugged on the dress, motioning that he wanted the article off. [Name] raised her arms up, and Absol threw the dress off of her. He lunged for one of her breast, licking and tugging on her rosy bud with his sharp teeth as he massaged the other one. Every so often, he switched positions. The trainer whined, squinting her eyes. “H-Hurry~! I can’t wait~!”

The Disaster Pokémon gave a quick nod, and pulled away. He immediately fumbled with his clothing, yanking them off his form and kicking them to the side. He raised one of [Name]’s leg, hanging it over his shoulder and positioned himself at her heat.

“R-Ready…?” Absol asked, glancing into [Name]’s eyes. She nodded, and Absol thrusted in. [Name] gave a cry, screwing her eyes shut. Absol groaned, trying his best not to move his hips. He waited a few minutes till [Name] gave a shaky nod.

“Go ahead,” [Name] said, opening her eyes. Absol frowned a little, but nodded. He slowly began to move. The two moaned, shivers running down their spines. Gradually, his pace quickened. The two groaned at the pure bliss. “I-I’m close!”

Absol groaned, moving his hips faster. Suddenly, the female screamed in ecstasy. Absol slowed down his pace, trying to help the female come down from her high. He pulled out, still hard. He flipped over the female, pressing his cock at her core.

“I still need to release~…” Absol growled in a sultry tone before entering once more. [Name] squealed, tightening her hands into fists. The male shifted his aim, successfully hitting a bundle of nerves. [Name] shivered, letting out a loud moan.

“A-Absol~!” [Name] cried, her form shaking. He smirked in response, adjusting his thrusts to aim for that one spot. Repeatedly, he pounded into the bundle of nerves, savoring the mewls and moans coming from her throat. With a cry, [Name]’s wall clamped down on Absol’s cock. She shuddered, releasing her juices once more. Absol gave a few more thrusts before releasing his seeds with a loud moan. [Name]’s arms and knees gave out, causing the two to collapse on the ground. Slowly, the dark type pulled out. Absol turned over [Name], making her lay on her bare back. Absol placed a hand on her cheek.

“[Name]…” Absol panted, causing the female to open her eyes with a slight struggle. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against hers. “I-I love you…”

[Name] smiled softly, leaning up to press her lips against his. She pulled away, her (e/c) eyes shimmering with love as she pressed her hand against his cheek.

“I love you, too,” [Name] replied, causing the male to grin. He leaned in, bringing the girl into another passionate kiss. He pulled back with a wide grin, his dark eyes glinting with mischief and lust.

“Up for another round~?”
An Absol lemon requested by GAM3RGURL on Quotev for my series: An Unusual Love. 
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